Leaders in protection, compliance and support.

Since 2016, schools at every level have seen an increase in the number and sophistication of cybersecurity incidents. Many of these incidents were significant, resulting in school shutdowns and student data breaches linked to identity theft and credit fraud.

ESET is committed to building solutions for K-12 and higher education to address each of today’s security challenges—from protecting virtual classrooms and securing PII to satisfying regulatory compliance.



Improve your productivity, organizational workflow, communication, and data management with the Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 suite. Included in the Professional Plus package are all essential apps that have already helped millions of small, medium-sized businesses and organizations to work and cooperate in an intuitive & feature-rich way.

Easily Connect to Any Remote Computer

Save time and effort by instantly connecting to any remote desktop in just three simple steps. Connect to computers located anywhere, easily transfer files and switch between multiple sessions in a single click. With FixMe.IT, remote access is easier than ever before!

Provide remote support and connect to unattended computers

On-Demand & Unattended Remote Access

Deliver live remote support when it’s most needed. Configure unattended computers or servers for remote access and control them when no one’s present at the remote end. Handle even the most complex technical support issues no matter where you are.

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