Laptop Repairs

Issues We Fix

Below are just some of the common laptop issues we fix. We recommend either shipping your laptop to Speedtech or Email us  online using the contact form .

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Faulty Power Supply

Faulty power adapters, batteries and charging problems.

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Damaged Screens

Is your screen cracked or damaged? We can replace it.

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Broken Keyboards

We can fix faulty or broken laptop keyboards / trackpads.

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Poor Performance

Is your laptop running slow? We can give it a performance boost.

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Network Problems

Does your laptop have problems connecting to the internet?

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Virus Infections

Is your laptop infected with viruses, trojans or malware?

Easy 4 Step Repair Process

Contact us on 0876893743 or you can follow our easy 4 step repair process.

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Request a quote online.

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We can arrange a collection with our couriera, or ship using your preferred courier (courier charges apply).

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Receive updates on the repair job. We will let you know if there are any additional costs.

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Notify you when it is ready for pick up or send it via courier to you (courier charges apply).

Request a Quote

Brands We Repair

We repair laptops from most brands including leading brands such as:

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  • lenovo logo
  • hp logo
  • acer logo
  • msi logo
  • microsoft logo
  • samsung logo
  • dell logo

Service Centre

Speedtech are dedicated service where we can inspect, troubleshoot and in many cases repair a variety of technology devices.

 and if a device cannot be repaired at one of our Workshops it is sent here for processing and repair.

View Service Centre Locations


Our 5 Star Guarantee

At Speedtech we take pride in delivering professional technology repair services of the highest caliber. If you entrust us with your device to repair, we promise to:

  •  Get the repair done right
  •  Respect your data and privacy
  •  Minimise your repair costs
  •  Return the unit as fast as possible
  •  Respect your equipment
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