Apple And Android Management Sytems

Go beyond app deployments — make resources available on demand.

What does Apple Success mean?

Gone are the days of handing out hardware and moving on with your day. You need the ability to manage devices remotely. You need the ability to securely connect users to resources instantly. You need the ability to protect against the growing number of malware and threats that plague Apple endpoints.

That’s where Jamf comes in.

Hexnode Android Management


Single and multi-app kiosk lockdown

Lock devices to a single app or a few selected applications. Set apps to automatically relaunch when the kiosk lockdown is idle.


Secure browsing with kiosk lockdown

Feature a website on the device by locking it to the specific device. Disable access to other websites, apps or content.


Simplify digital signage management

Seamlessly convert Android devices into full-fledged digital signages. Manage and provision content in real-time to multiple devices from a single portal.


Control device peripheral settings

Remotely configure peripheral settings like volume and screen brightness. Selectively allow user access to key functions like flashlight.

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